Restaurant JAG’s New Countryside Haven at Robertson Quay

Restaurant JAG's New Countryside Haven at Robertson Quay

Hey foodies! Big news in the culinary scene – the Michelin-starred gem, Restaurant JAG, just got a major glow-up. Say goodbye to its cozy 16-seater spot at Duxton Road, and hello to a bigger, brighter space at Robertson Quay. Let’s dive into the deets of this food haven’s upgrade.

Restaurant Cosy to Spacious: JAG’s Glow-Up Journey

Picture this – from a snug 16-seater setup with mood lighting, Restaurant JAG decided it was time for a change. The result? A new spot at Robertson Quay that’s not just bigger but also way brighter and fuller. It’s like JAG 2.0!

Restaurant JAG's New Countryside Haven at Robertson Quay

Restaurant Michelin Star Magic: JAG’s Culinary Stardom Continues

First things first, let’s talk stars. Yep, JAG isn’t just any restaurant; it’s Michelin-starred, baby! And now, it’s rocking a fresh location on the second floor of STPI, taking over Sprmrkt’s previous spot. This means more space, more light, and more Michelin magic.

Seating Extravaganza: Room for 40 and a Private Nook

So, how big are we talking? JAG can now comfortably host up to 40 hungry souls. That’s right, more foodies can dive into JAG’s delectable creations. And wait for it – there’s a private room too. Fancy a secluded feast with your squad? JAG’s got you covered.

Representing Personality: JAG’s Vegetable Love Affair

Now, let’s get to the heart of JAG’s personality. Owners Jeremy Gillon and Anant Tyagi spill the beans – the new space is a true reflection of JAG’s vegetable-focused cooking philosophy. It’s like stepping into a countryside house where veggies take the spotlight. Talk about a veggie love affair!

Countryside Chic: The Atmosphere Upgrade

Beyond just seating numbers, JAG’s new home brings a different vibe. Picture yourself surrounded by countryside charm – rustic touches, warm hues, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a visual and culinary journey.

Culinary Adventure: JAG’s Vegetable Symphony

Let’s talk about what makes JAG a culinary sensation. It’s not just about more seats and a snazzy location. JAG is known for its vegetable-focused approach. We’re not talking side salads; we’re talking a symphony of veggies taking center stage in every dish. The new space at Robertson Quay isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a canvas for JAG’s veggie artistry.

Owners’ Insight: Keeping it Fresh and Personal

Wondering what inspired this transformation? Owners Jeremy Gillon and Anant Tyagi spill the tea. In a chat with CNA Lifestyle, they emphasized the importance of maintaining JAG’s unique personality. The move to Robertson Quay wasn’t just about expansion; it was about creating a space that truly represents JAG’s essence.